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Offshore Companies / Trusts


Does your company do a significant amount of business in other countries?

Do you spend a certain amount of time each year working abroad?

Do you want to protect more of your assets from the taxman - legally?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we may be able to reduce your overall tax liability by setting up an offshore company or trust.

It isn't an option for everyone, but if we can make it work for you, the benefits could be very substantial indeed, including:

  • Legal tax savings for you and your company across Europe
  • Fewer disclosure requirements for your company
  • A greater competitive advantage for your company
  • Protecting your assets from creditors
  • Possible savings on future inheritance taxes

We can help you to establish an offshore company in low-tax jurisdictions such as Anguilla, Belize, BVI, Cayman Islands, Delaware, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Madeira, Nevis, Panama and Seychelles.

We can also explore the possibility of setting up an offshore trust.

The main difference is that with an offshore company, you maintain ownership, whereas with an offshore trust, you transfer ownership to trustees.

By doing this, you place greater distance between you and your assets - making it harder for creditors to reach them.

These are complex issues and you will need specialist advice to ensure that you follow the most tax-efficient path while complying fully with all relevant legislation.

We are experts in this field - so please contact us now for further information.

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