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Common FAQ's


Eiropas Kompanijas offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about company formations, fees and taxes, registration, and other services that we offer Office. Click on a FAQ Question below to view answers relating to your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact Us page.

Can I use the company share capital once the company is incorporated?
Yes, in most countries this can be used once the company has been incorporated. However, please note that the funds are blocked until the company has been incorporated.
Why do I have to have a virtual office/physical office?
This is to demonstrate to the tax authorities in the country in which you are setting up that there is a genuine trading business in their country. Please note that this is also required for an EU VAT number.
Why do I need to obtain an EU VAT number?
This is required to import goods into the EU and to trade in the EU.
Can I have a company that has one person only?
Yes you can. In most cases this is acceptable. There are exceptions whereby if you have only one shareholder then either the amount of share capital to be paid is increased as the liability increases. In some cases, if one director is named on the company then this has to be declared as part of the main corporate name.
Why does company formation take longer in Europe?
This is due to the fact that companies are not formed online in Europe except in the UK and Denmark.
Why do I need to provide proof of who I am?
This is due to EU money laundering requirements.
Can you arrange accountancy if I need it?
Yes, we provide accountancy services in all the countries we cover. This applies to legal and office services as well.
What documents will I be required to sign?
This differs from country to country but in most cases you will be required to sign individual countries registration documents and bank application forms.
How long have you been operating?
Our sister company based in the UK called Open A European has been established since 2002. Our company has been established to assist with the French market.
Do I have to pay renewal fees each year?
Depends upon the jurisdiction in which you form your company. Most countries do not require renewal of services. Please ask for further information regarding this when you send us your enquiry.
Can you provide nominee services?
Yes, we can provide full nominee services for company officials and shareholders.
Are there any additional costs?
No, unless you require an additional service over and above the standard incorporation.
What banks do you use?
We only deal with major international banks or major banks in the country in which we incorporate your company.
What documents will I be required to provide?
Certified copy of your passport or similar ID document
Two utility bills that are less than three months old i.e., Gas, electricity, telephone (not cell phone), water.
Why do companies in Europe have such high share capital?
The reason why companies have such high share capital is to show a commitment to the authorities in that country that they are serious about setting up in business.
Can I have a branch of my company?
Yes, provided that you produce full details of your company and who will be the authorized official.
Will I be able to set up a European Company as non EU resident?
Yes, all countries in Europe allow non-EU residents to expand their business into Europe.
How will my company pay its tax?
We can provide local accountants who will undertake this service on your behalf and fulfill all tax requirements for you.

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