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FREE UK Company When You Subscribe To Our Accountancy Packages.

We provide a range of accountancy services in each of the countries in which we operate in Europe and if you decide to use one of our experts we'll give you a free UK company!

We are on the periphery of London so although you get a London service you will not be paying London prices. We have been providing accountancy services for 25 years for people in all corners of the world. We have firsthand experience in import/export, Gold and metal, textiles and retail to name just a few.

Our Services include:

  • bookkeeping
  • accountancy
  • audit
  • payroll
  • tax consulting
  • VAT registration
  • VAT returns

You will most certainly need the services of a local accountant in the jurisdiction in which you establish. However, whether you just have a basic service or the full package is up to you. In all cases, we will be able to support you whether you are a private individual who is setting up a small Ltd company or a medium/large sized corporation needing audit and management accounting and analysis. Please contact us for further information or fill out the form below for further information.

For further information please call Vladimir Kondratyuk.

Владимир Кондратюк / Vladimir Kondratyuk
Evro Kompanii / Евро Компании
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